Friday I'm In Love....

How could I have not posted these!? Cupcake boxes are so awesome! By PoshBoxCouture

Kaelah is just too cute in this polka dot dress!

This Hello Kitty sweater that Katie from Skunkboy is wearing is too cute!!!!

Speaking of Hello Kitty...I want this bracelet from LuckyJewelryBar! 

I hope you guys had an awesome week! I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for this weekend! I have a few things going on in real life. One is that our S.U.V. is getting fixed. I'm excited, but bummed because it will cost money, like everything else. Another thing I'm very stoked about, is that I'm getting a DSLR camera! lol I feel like a late bloomer. It's not that I have never used one, I've just never owned my own! I'm so excited! I can put all those college photography courses to good use :) I also can't wait to share tons of photos with you guys!

Have an awesome Friday!...and if it can't be awesome...then eat a cupcake :) it's the same thing!

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