My 2013 List

 My New Years Resolutions...

Oh boy, here we go again! I'm sure I have a list like this that I made last year, but at the moment, I'm a little tired and super busy to fish through all my posts to find it! I don't even think it was a solid list anyway. This list will be more accurate on everything I want to accomplish in 2013 (or the year of the snake! but that's not until after Feb 10) I have so many goals for myself, but not too many to the point where I will be overwhelmed. So here we go....

1. Be a better student. 

I have been going to college for quite some time now, and to be honest some of my grades have slipped. Mostly in my online courses. So I promise myself to take courses in class, to bring up my GPA. Make up for classes that I didn't get an A in, and graduate as soon as possible! I would like to graduate before my kids graduate high school! haha That's not for another 6 years...but still!

2. Stay on top of bills and debt.

That's a super grown up, scary one. I've been doing the grown thing for about 16 years? Now that I'm in my 30's I've really learned the hard way a few times, about how easy it is to fall behind and panic! Not this year. Things we be paid up in full, and bills will be paid on time!

3. Lose more weight...

Okay, I know we're trying to be positive, and love ourselves, but I really want to be who I was a few years ago at pre-mommy weight. It would make me very happy, and that's what we strive for right? I've been at a healthy weight before, and that's what I want back. I'm not looking to be super model skinny, just at a healthy weight. With that said, I have lost 11 pounds through weight watchers so far, and I have 15 more to go! Once I hit that, I may go for another 5 or 10 pounds, but I don't want to push it.

4. Start doing freelance photography.

My dream is to be a photographer, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I will be getting the equipment I need, and brushing up on all my editing skills. I plan on starting out small, but I really think it's time to take my hobby to the next level.

5. Read more books!

On top of all the school books I normally have to read, I want to read more books in general. I love to read. In fact My wife and I take our kids to the library all the time. I don't have any fancy e-readers, nor will I ever buy one. I love to read the old-fashioned way. My starting goal will be just one book a month...and I've already finished one!

6. Write more...

I'm first, and foremost always a writer. I write everything down when I can. I know I keep talking about finishing my book that I started writing a couple years ago, but that takes time. All the while the characters keep growing in my mind. I really want to make sure that this year I get more added. 

7. Crochet more :)

Since I have moved to Jersey, my crocheting has taken a back seat. That makes me really sad. So I want to at least crochet something once every couple of months. I would do more, but my school work takes up a lot of my time.

8. Be a better Buddhist.

I really want to work more on my mindfulness. I really need to meditate more too. I want to make sure that myself, and my family are mediating on every full moon, and all holidays. A lot has changed since we have moved in with my in-laws, but I really want to get back into the spiritual way of things for myself, and my family.

9. The Classic: Exercise!!!

I know we all say we're going to do it, but really I have no excuse! I know three family members who have treadmills. One family member said I could stop by anytime to use it! So yes, no more being lazy.....darn.

10. Just be me.

This is probably the one thing I'm best at. Though I do admit there have been times in the past (like in my 20's) where I spent a lot of soul searching. I know who I am now, and I try everything possible to be my true self. It's sad that there are few people out there that think they know me, and they have proven themselves time and time again that they have no idea who I am. I am a very simple person, who doesn't believe in drama, and I like to keep it that way. That doesn't mean that I'm about to let you walk all over me either. I basically will treat you with kindness, unless you have proven yourself otherwise. Even then I'm still kind enough to just walk away.

So here we go! I'm sure I wont have any problems keeping any of these. Though my memory is pretty bad, so I'm sure I will have to keep coming back to this post! I also wanted to add a couple not so "heavy" resolutions:

-keep the same blog background longer than 2 months
-give myself breaks when I need them

And that's it. I can't believe I did an entire blog post without pictures! I guess there's a first for you have any resolutions? Leave a link if you did a New Years resolution post...I would love to read it!


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