It's My Birthday!

So that top picture was taken on New Years Eve. Clearly my bangs need to be cut! So here we are, a new year, and a year older. I'm also super sick right now! I feel like I'm fighting the flu, or a really bad cold. I don't have a fever, or anything. It's pretty much a bad head cold. This New Years Eve was really fun (except for the cold) and I got to ring it in with all my loved ones. My father in law plays in a band, and he played at the bar we were at. He's pretty awesome like that. 

Tomorrow is the start of my birthday weekend. After I get out of work I'm going to cut my bangs and dye my hair again. Just black, nothing too fancy. Did you see that I pierced my nose!? I did that last week. It's actually my 24th piercing! I was such a big wimp about it too! I thought the piercer was going to smack me! On top of that it didn't hurt....until about 15 minutes later after all the adrenaline was gone. Unfortunately most of my piercings are gone, I might get the other side of my nose done, but I have to see how bad my allergies will be. Blowing your nose sucks when it's pierced!

As you can see in the picture below, I don't look super glamorous. I'm a real person and I'm lucky I look that good for feeling like crap! My wife is so awesome, she made me birthday cake pancakes. They came out so delicious! The link for the recipe is below...I highly recommend them :)
Yummy Birthday Cake Pancakes Via Betty Crocker

Above are some of my birthday goodies. I have been waiting for the boots since Christmas! I'm glad I waited, it was an awesome surprise from my mother-in-law. Tomorrow kicks off my birthday weekend. We will be going out to Atlantic City, and I can't wait! I even have some friends coming down from Vermont to visit. I'm such a lucky girl!


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