Cupcake Sunday - Pretty In Pink

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With both my children having birthdays very soon, I thought it would be a good idea to start getting ideas for cupcakes. My son's birthday is this week on Wednesday, and I'm really excited, but sad at the time. My baby is going to be a teenager! I still can't believe how fast time flies! Anywho, he requested me to make those cupcakes that look like little hamburgers, and he also wants pizza and wings for his birthday dinner. Can you say "man food" ? For a boy who has grown up around nothing but women, he is your typical soon-to-be-man.

So as I was wondering around the wonderful land of cupcakes (on the internet) the pink ones kept catching my eye. So here they are, and they are so cute! I'm pretty sure they are all chocolate with pink or hints of pink on them. Unfortunately some of them didn't have the right sources linked to them originally, so I'm not sure what they are made of; yet they are all beautiful works of edible art. My favorite are the last ones. I'm a huge fan of simplicity. I also love when I see powdered sugar sprinkled on something, it just adds that special classic flare.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I have to plans to go to the library, and get all my son's birthday party details squared away. He is having 2 parties, so there is a lot of planning to do!

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