Catching up......

First off....
A while ago, Miss Renee over @ The Antiquarian Miss had a giveaway....and I won!!! Yay me! It took a while for it to arrive, but when I finally picked it up I was so excited. She does really great work! I love that I can pretty much wear this bracelet with any outfit. I've pretty much have worn everyday since I've gotten it! Thank you Renee :)

A couple weeks ago I re-pierced my nose as a birthday present to myself. Soon after I got really sick. I had one of those spiral studs in my nose, and from all the sneezing my nose got really angry at my piercing.  So I took out the stud and replaced it with a hoop. I think I like the hoop much better. It has a little black ball on it, and fits snug to my nostril.

 Onto some frustration....
If you have been following along since the beginning (kudos!And thank you!) you would now that I have only been living on the Jersey Shore for about 4 months now. Well I finally got my butt in gear, and started transferring all my college stuff over to a college over here. Not fun! Mind you, in the mean while my computer has been trying to die on me! booo!  So that's where this cute little quote comes in.........

Via: Nerd Quirks
It's true, my daughter and I are so hard on ourselves when it comes to grades. In fact my son freaks out if he gets any less too. So here we are, Spring semester starts in a week and a half. This semester I'm only taking two classes, but no breaks for me until I'm done! I'm so close! I hope all of you out there have had an awesome onto the weekend!



  1. Even though it sucks to feel that way when you actually did an amazing's absolutely better than the opposite, giving up even before you start to fail because you know it's inevitable (while that's not the case) ugh...something I need to try hard not to pass on to my boys :/

    Congrats on getting started!

    1. There are a few grades on my transcript that I'm not proud of...but moving forward! :) Thanks for your support!



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