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                                   Liebster is a German word that literally translates to
“dearest”, “favorite”, and “beloved”.
I love when these awards cycle around! I think it's an awesome way for all us bloggers to show appreciation for other bloggers. Sarah from Nobody Puts Sarah In The Corner nominated me, and you should totally pop by her blog and say hi! Thank you Sarah!
What comes next?
Here are the rules for when you’re nominated…
  1. Shout out the person who tagged you
  2. Post 11 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions the tagger set for you
  4. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate for Leibster awards and link them to this post (or as many as you can come up with)
  5. The 11 bloggers you choose must have low follower numbers (think under 200 followers or around there)
  6. Create 11 questions for the 11 bloggers to answer in their Leibster Award posts
  7. Go to their blogs & alert them that you’ve nominated them
  8. You cannot tag the blogger who has tagged you

11 Things About Me
1. I'm short. (5 feet total.)
2. I can't go anywhere without eyeliner and mascara on (unless I'm super sick!)
3. I can never say no chocolate.
4. I'm a total don't sneeze on me.
5. My kids are my don't want to see Mama Bear come out.
6. I am openly gay..not in your face gay...but I will politely introduce you to my wife :) (not friend, roommate or partner...we have an actual marriage license.)
7. I may be super girly, but I tend to do the more traditional male stuff in our relationship.
8. I love things that diamonds and sequins.
9. I have a moth obsession. Lunar Moths are my favorite.
10. I also love shoes....the more the better!
11. Now I'm stuck at 11 and I can't really think of something? oh!..I re-pierced my nose! Then got sick, so now it kind of hurts.

The 11 Questions from Sarah:
1.What is your most favorite family tradition and why? 
In my family, during Christmas Eve we would all sit down together after dinner and open the smallest gift under the tree. Simple and memorable.

2.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 
This is a tough question for me. I want to be near my family very much, but it seems like everyone is always quick to move anyway. So honestly I just want to where my wife and kids are, and right now that's in New Jersey.

3.What is your favorite past adventure? 
My honeymoon! We had so much fun! We went on a short cruise and it was fabulous. I can't wait to go on another cruise!

4.Favorite ice cream flavor? I like Birthday Cake or Chocolate Malted Crunch.

5.What celebrity would you be besties with? 
Johnny Depp is my BFF

6.If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 
No question about it! That would be PF Chang's.

7.What is your favorite novel? 
My favorite book series is Lord of the Rings.

8.If you could live in a tv show, which show would it be?
That would be a tie between How I Met Your Mother or Once Upon A Time. They are both completely different shows, but I love both of them. Also The Big Bang Theory....ugh I just can't chose!
9.If your house was burning down and you could only grab a few items, what would you grab? [Assuming your loved ones are already out of the house].
My wedding Album and picture albums, along with all my kid's memory boxes. (plus I'm assuming that when you say loved ones you mean fur babies too!)
10.What is your favorite smell?
Cupcakes baking! I'm sure that didn't surprise you :)

11.If the Doctor [Doctor Who] came to your door and asked you where you would like to go and the whole of time and space was before you [past & present], where would you go first?

To Buddha's awakening.

11 Blogs/Bloggers I Nominate for the Liebster Award

11 Questions for My Nominated Bloggers
1. What is your favorite vacation spot & why?
2. In what era would you love to live in & why?
3. You have three wishes...go! (only unlimited wishing.)
4. If you could change you home to be "you" and money wasn't an option, what would you change?
5. What is your favorite home cooked meal & why?
6. If you could be a magical creature, what would you be?
7. Purple monkeys eat rotten coconuts, in rainbow tutus because.....
8. You have 24 hours to live, who are you with and what are your plans for the next 23 hours?
9. What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
10. What is your most favorite birthday memory?
11. Where would you love to live when your retired & why?

So there you go ladies! Have fun with it :)

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