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My favorite nature pictures
The self portrait. Full body and close up.
The fur babies
and the the self portrait/ outfit collages..

I hit another milestone, and this time I'm blogging about it! I totally missed out on my blogs anniversary and on my Instagram, but last night I hit 1000 pictures! That's a lot of pictures! I actually went through to the very beginning to see all the pictures I've taken, and I can't believe how much my kids have changed! I also noticed that most of my pictures are very random...no surprise there! I take pictures of nature, me, my shoes, cupcakes, moths/butterflies, my animals, my kids and life in general. I thought that maybe I would try to have more of a theme for my pictures going forward. Maybe use the same filter or frame, but I'm not sure that's me, so I'm just going to keep all my options open :) I love taking landscape and nature photos the most.  Do you have a certain type of theme you like to shoot?

Also, I'm the featured blogger over at The Stichin Mommy...thanks Amy!
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