Decorating For The Holidays

 **My favorite Hello Kitty ornament**

**My kids helping out**

**Me being silly**

**Extra ornaments make great filler for center pieces**

And Done! ...kind of.

Over the weekend we finally put up the Christmas tree. We had decorations up already, but no tree. Everyone wanted to wait for my day off of work to put it up. We all love the holidays around here. Right when Thanksgiving hits we are all about the fun stuff! Decorations, yummy food, and celebrations! It's an awesome time of year. I love winter, and all the holidays that help us get through the cold weather. Though it hasn't been too cold yet. At least not what I'm use to, after living in Vermont for 4 years. Jersey is a little on the warmer side.

Our tree isn't quite done yet. We still have to get some extra garland to go around it. We thought we had enough, but we didn't. We also wanted to see how Cupcake was going to react to this new "toy" we put up in the living room. So far you can catch her sleeping under neath (pictured above) but don't let that cute face fool you! We have caught her 4 times inside the tree, near the top! She absolutely loves it, but we have to train her (the best we can, I guess for cats it's more like suggest) for her not to climb in it. She is so silly and cute, that it's hard to be mad at her.

Next weekend we celebrate Bodhi Day! I'm so excited! In Buddhist traditions we spend this day celebrating Buddha's awakening. This is our winter celebration, and we spend it decorating (another tree)  baking Bo tree (Bodhi) leaf shaped cookies, eating rice & milk, and reading some of the scriptures to remind of us of enlightenment. We also light a candle every night from the 8th for 30 days....we have many friends & family of all religions, so we celebrate Christmas & Winter Solstice too. I also love seeing all the pictures from wife's cousin and best friend friend who celebrate Hanukkah. Winter is such an awesome time especially in December. I hope you all have a great there something special you do during the holidays?


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