Wish List Wednesday

**Totally in Love with This Dress from Modcloth**

)) This Owl necklace is so cute! ((

**I absolutely adore these Shoes!!**

)) Pretty sure these Tights will be in my stocking for Christmas((

** This tote bag  is so awesome and something I would own!!!**

Okay, so quite a few of these items are from Modcloth, but can you blame me? I'm totally obsessed with them. All those cute clothes and accessories who could resist? Not me :) Anyway, this week has been so busy for me. In fact, after today, I'm not sure when I will get a day off from work. That's okay though because I enjoy being able to support my family. I also did a little thrifting and hopefully I can get some of my small haul up on a post. We went shopping for tacky Christmas themed clothes for our photo cards that we are sending to family and I'm kind excited about them. I'll put a little preview up of the pictures soon...

What's on your wishlist?

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