Outfit Diary

It's definitely that time of year again to wear layers. I was so cold the day I wore this, I had to add a coat when we left to run errands. At this point in time I just want to stay home and hide in our little oasis. If you drive anywhere else in Jersey, you can see the disaster that Hurricane Sandy left behind. Even at work, all I hear about is how everyone has lost their home, or how they have someone staying with them who has. It breaks my heart. We are so lucky to have a home that was able to withstand the storm. Anywhoooo, I guess you would call this outfit, a layer and go outfit. No joke, my wife and kids were waiting for me to finish up taking pictures so we could go out and do some shopping. I think the picture up there is kind of funny, because I look like I'm trying to do some ballet move. I was actually just stepping forward and the camera took the picture before my heel hit the ground. It was so windy and cold out too! I'm surprised my hair doesn't look crazy. 

Outfit Details: All Thrifted//Shoes-Converse//Owl Necklace-Gift

I hope today finds you in a good mood, and ready for winter. It's right around the corner. I'm so excited for the holiday season (not so excited about working Black Friday!) Have a great day my friends!


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