M.I.A....Not Really

This picture was taken before all the crazy shenanigans (pre-tears) of Friday night. 

Wow, I haven't blogged since Tuesday! I promise I have a legit reason. I had to go out of town for for my new job. We had 4 days of training, and I was unable to to do certain things on my laptop because of the WiFi. This was driving me crazy! I couldn't Skype, chat on FB, write a post here, or see other blogs!!! So I'm apologizing right now to all those blogs I visit regularly...I'll be doing a lot of catch up. Now I know I posted a little on Instagram and Facebook about what happened, but here's the whole story.

Anyway, this last week was a lot of fun. I got to stay up in a hotel with a big fluffy bed and yummy (free) hot breakfast every morning. I missed my family a lot, but on the upside I had a really cool roommate. When I went to training, it was really overwhelming! I heard things that I already knew, but there was a lot of job specific things I needed to learn, especially if I was going to pass the test that was at the end of all this.

Fast Forward......
I met a lot of cool people and made some new friends. It was awesome to go do something by myself....which I never do! I got a good score on my test and it was really fun....except the drive home.

This was our Room. It was a double queen with the most magical beds ever!!! It was like sleeping on a cloud. My new goal is to replicate this awesome bed, but in an eco-friendly way, because even though the down comforters were awesome, I myself couldn't invest in something I believe to be cruelty. Anyway, we had 2 flat screen TV's, a little living area, desk, fridge, microwave, coffee maker and awesome bathroom! It felt like a home away from home and I would recommend the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott to everyone! We also got all the free fresh baked cookies we wanted, along with the huge breakfast assortment. I felt totally spoiled!

 Sorry I can't share much about my training, but I will share that there was always music playing and a disco ball going! We were given candy, coffee and pizza. I think that's a fair trade for my time.

It was awesome to see the first snow of the season. Though it's really early for Jersey to get snow. It's also really weird for it to snow after a huge hurricane..... weird.

I always look through the drawers whenever I stay somewhere. I thought it was very interesting that there was a Holy Bible, and The Book of Mormon in the same drawer. Since I'm Buddhist I carry my own teachings with me, along with my prayers beads, but this really took me off guard. To be honest I think they should have all holy scriptures, not just two. It doesn't seem very fair. That's just my opinion. I'm also wondering if this was happening because of the elections? Like all those random Mormon commercials I was seeing? What do you think?

Yummy, yummy pizza!!! I had most of the control over the remote (for once!) my wife usually has the remote. That's my suitcase in the background along with my prayer beads, Breaking Dawn book, and Buddhist teachings. I never had a chance to read any of it. I was too busy talking to my room mate. I'm sure I drove her crazy! Especially since I couldn't blog or read anyone else's blogs. It was tragic, haha.

So here is where the story goes bad. Here is a lovely picture of North Jersey traffic. I spent a good hour in it. Then as the traffic starts to get worse, I misunderstood my GPS and went the wrong way, taking me an hour off course. I had a co-worker driving in back of me, just in case my car decided to quit on me. After getting us lost we switched places. I was following her. Mind you my car started to do this awful sputtering noise. As we end up in traffic again, but on a smaller rural highway, the minute I had to stop my car stalled. It did not turn back on at this point.

I was in the middle lane in a 3 lane highway, and I thought I was going to die! After about 30 seconds (which felt like 10 minutes) a man runs up to my car. I roll the window down and he asked if I was okay? (in a north Jersey accent, I'll add an example later) I said no, and he had me put it neutral, and he started pushing me. Next thing I know 3 more men joined him and luckily there was an Exxon very close by. They pushed me into a parking spot. I thanked them whole heartily, and told them I had Triple A, and that I was going to be okay. I called my wife to let her know what happened. I then called AAA. They said I had about an hour wait, and at this point I was starving.....and cold!

So I switched out my converse for my Uggz, and went for a walk. There was a McDonald's, but they only had drive thru service because of hurricane damage. Plus they had a line of 10 cars, so that was out. A little ways down the road I saw a lit Pappa John's. When I got there it was closed because of the hurricane too! I really started to panic at this point 1) because I had no idea where I was. 2) everything was closed! The only place open was a little nail shop, and since I had to go to the bathroom really bad, I ran in and asked. Luckily they were nice enough to let me use their bathroom.

At this point I walked as fast as I could back to my car, and then had a total melt down. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder, and this was a recipe for a total emotional breakdown. I called my wife and let the tears, and emotions out. I was alone, cold, hungry, lost and in total panic mode. Remember the friend from work I mentioned earlier that was driving in another car with me? I'm assuming she didn't notice I wasn't behind her or just noticed too late. She was gone. After I called my wife, I felt really bad for taking my anxiety out on her, so I decided to call my dad too. Right before I was going to hit the call button, (about 20 minutes after I called AAA) the tow truck pulled up. YAY!!!

I immediately look in the mirror and think: Great, this guy is going to think I'm nuts! My makeup was messy, but He didn't. In fact we had the greatest conversation on our hour long tow truck drive. He was a great guy and I was very thankful for that. He was actually suppose to be getting off work, but decided to take one last call. I was really glad he did.

So here we are now. Good old Betsy (our car) decided to die on us. She cannot be fixed, unless we put a new engine in her. We just found this out today from my wife's uncle who is a mechanic. So now we are looking for another car. Which really sucks, but we will be okay. It's always okay :)

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