Hidden Treasures

 These items are from recent hauls. The beaded necklace is from an Estate Sale.
 This piece is so amazing! It's a vintage necklace from Iran. It has had a long journey!
 I love when Bokeh happens on accident!
 This very large needle point was only $3. I couldn't pass it up.
 Never used stationary, only $.50. Yes please! My daughter has already written a letter with it.
 Pretty little earrings.
 An awesome little add to my jewelry collection. I haven't decided whether or not to add these to my shop.
 Mr. Kovu doing what he does best!
 Such a beautiful day out!!
 These little treasures are from the our local library, I love to read real paper, the old fashion way. I'm not going to bore you with what I read, but it's mostly fiction filled with vampire's, werewolves and all sorts of mythical creatures. When I escape from reality, I want to fully escape!
 This is another library book...and Cupcake obsessing over tape.

Today has been a good, relaxing day. Obviously, look at Petunia's face! As I fussed over taking pictures, all my fur babies lounged around. My wife was even napping in the bed. We actually have a few more goodies that I didn't show on this post, but they disappeared somewhere? We got this really neat vintage rolling pin that had shapes carved into it. I also got a really cool handmade apron. Hopefully I'll find them. I always try to put things in places where I won't lose them, and then I forget where I put them! Haha. I hope you all out there are starting off the week well.....

Have a Great Day! 

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