Things I've Done For The Sake Of Blogging

Being a blogger is either a full time job, or a full time hobby. When you start blogging, you either fall in love with it or get super overwhelmed and just quit. If, like me, you fall in love with it, you find yourself doing a lot of big little things, that always seem to be for the blog. As I was traveling through the blogging world the other night, I saw this post by Jessica @ The Jessica L Blog. I read it and thought : I do those things too! I linked her original post and shared my random blogging behavior. I tried to keep it simple and just listed the top 10 things I do.....for the sake of blogging.
1. I have trained all my animals to pose for joke! My kitten literally lays on her side and looks up at me when she sees me with a camera...Kovu seems pretty annoyed with it though. (he's that black kitty)

2.  When I craft, I take pictures. When I bake, I take pictures. When I feel pretty, I take pictures.

3. I bring my camera everywhere!

4. I've downloaded, at the least, 10 photography related apps for my iPhone in case I forget my camera. You never know when you might go somewhere blog worthy!

5. I research photos I find, and try to find the exact source.

6. I've taken my cupcake obsession to a whole new level.

7. I have a large amount of self portraits....because I'm constantly changing my hair. I try to keep my profile picture updated so I at least look like the same person in my outfit posts.
8. I take test pictures to see if if certain areas of the house are good for outfit posts.

9. I paint my nails much more often then usual, just in case they are in a picture for a blog post.

10. When I buy clothes now, I question whether or not they're blog worthy.

And I do all these things, mostly, because I love to blog! 

What have you done for the sake of blogging?


  1. I love this post!!! I'm definitely with you on the photography apps. I've learned a lot about taking pictures in general for my blog.

  2. @Renee I took Photography and I find I use almost everything I learned for my blog...haha..but it's if my HTML skills would just kick in...because no matter what I do right now, my reply button won't work.

  3. This is such an awesome post! I love that first one you listed...You trained your animals to pose! So awesome. Animals are so smart, and they know it too. Your entire list is great! Number 5 just reminded me that I forgot to list the source on my post for today (I better go fix that). And I'm going to go read the post from The Jessica L Blog to see her list too. =0)

  4. I love this post! and I love your list, I can definitely relate to a few of them number 3, 8 and 10!

  5. Hahahaha this cracked me up!! I've only blogged since June but I'm definitely feeling the whole "love it or get super overwhelmed" point right now... well really, I feel both. But I love it more so I'll be sticking around! ;)

    For me, this list is like... things I do for the sake of blogging, and things I probably should do for my blog! Haha. I don't have any pets but I do have my bf trained pretty well at this point. When we go out to eat he now asks me if I need to take a picture of his food before he starts eating. SCORE!! Hehehe.

  6. Love this post!

    I've done so much for the sake of blogging - spent 12 hours travelling to blogging events, tried silly weightloss products,bought new photography kit and attempted to learn photography! The list is endless, but I woudn't stop!


  7. Such a cute post, I feel your pain I feel like I take a photo of EVERYTHING I do/make/eat/buy! xx

  8. Awesome! We should create a link up for it. I don't know how to do it. I guess I could find out, but I sort of don't have the time or patience, right now- believe it or not- to do it. And I admit to #s 3,5,6, & 10! ;) -Jessica L


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