Picture Perfect

Long Beach Island, New Jersey (a.k.a. Jersey Shore)
The Shore is a ghost town this time of year, but it's still fun to walk around...and take pictures!
Look close...can you see me??
Have you ever watched Man Vs. Food? It happened here :)
This is my kind of white picket fence..
She sells sea shells by the sea shore :)
The beach here is so clean and pretty :)
Someone left their ride!
I would love to live in one of those houses!
My son is on the left and my wife is on the right.....I can't believe how tall my son is!
I love shells from the beach, I now have shells from the west coast and east coast :)
These waves look just like the waves I grew up looking at...so peaceful.  
 Last Saturday I decided to go to the beach. We only went for a little while, and it was so relaxing. Of course there were no tourists, and I think that was the best part! When I lived in California I always went to places off season....especially the beach! When you live in a place known for tourists, you have to know when to be able to enjoy it. Since I'm not a huge fan of large crowds, during fall and winter is when you can find me by the water...or at an amusement park. I know it sounds silly, but I think it's much more fun that way :) Do you have a place where you like to go during the off-season? If so, please share! I hope your enjoying week :)

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