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I'm really bummed, but as you can tell by my some of my blurry pictures, my camera is slowly trying to die on me! I took about 40 pictures and almost all of them were coming out blurry. I've replaced the rechargeable battery and no luck. I have to hold down the power button and press the shutter button at the same time in order to turn it on. Not fair! luckily I'm starting a new job that gives a huge discount on cameras, but I'm in no position to be spending money on a new camera. I hope my little Nikon can last just a little longer. Anyway, here I am again in a dress and sneakers. I just love wearing my converse with everything! Though I do want to venture out and try lots of different style shoes....step out of my comfort zone! I just recently got some boots, so let's see if I'm brave enough to wear them!

I hope your having a great day!


  1. Hair looks lovely!
    Erica xo


  2. I want your tights right now :D So cute

  3. Cute! I wish I could rock Converse! And omg YAY! for the new job! Congrats!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! Good luck on your quest for a new camera. If you stumble across any killer deals you'll have to let me know. As you are, I am soooooo fed up with CoolPix. *gag*

  5. Super cute!!! I love the dress with that belt. Also, converse are great :] I think boots will be a fun transition. I love boots. Just think of em as fancy fall sneakers, haha.

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  7. Wonderful! Love those bright tights. And your hair looks so good!

    Hope one day soon you can get a nice new camera for yourself;)


  8. Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments!!!


  9. How did I miss this beautiful post?! That picture of you on the wooden swing is so...timeless looking. I wish we had a swing in our yard. Shit, I wish we had a real yard. Concrete jungle strictly around these parts! haha Oh, but I love city life so I can't really complain. Your yard just looks so magical and the perfect backdrop for taking pretty outfit photos.
    Speaking of outfits, yours is great! I love a simple dress with whimsical tights and converse! You are too cool for school dude. :)


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