Outfit Diary

I have to say, this dress has been my "go to" dress all summer. I have worn this dress so much that it's starting to fade. It's made of cotton and feels so soft, how can I not want to wear it all the time? It's also sad to say that my hair color is fading....but it still looks pretty in the sunlight. I wore this outfit out to dinner. We had family night and decided to go out to The Olive Garden. I know that since I'm some kind of blogger/hipster or whatever, you would expect me to go to some cool unknown place for dinner. Or maybe some cool vegetarian hot spot. Well, I'm a mom and I'm lucky to go anywhere besides my own kitchen! Plus I hate crowded places. We had a lot of fun though.....

Sweater-Thrifted//Dress-Bon Ton//Buddha Necklace-Anniversary Gift//Tights-????//Shoes-Thrifted

Me & My Wife....on our way to Dinner
       Me & My son                                                                           My daughter and my wife
Us being silly at the Halloween   store
We had so much fun! I love that my kids are so awesome whenever I take them anywhere. They always have been. We stuffed ourselves at The Olive Garden with pizza, cheese raviolis, spaghetti, egg plant parmesan, bread sticks, salads, soups and yummy drinks. After we were done there we went to the Halloween Store and picked up a couple things for our Halloween costumes. I bought those glasses I'm wearing...can you guess what my costume is going to be? After the Halloween Store we went to the ice cream stand and got ice cream! I got Pumpkin Pie ice cream!!! It was really good! It had pumpkin and pumpkin spices, plus pieces of graham cracker crust. I love Fall :) Do you have any plans for this weekend? We're going to the Country Craft Fair in Batsto.....I can't wait! 

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