Outfit diary

Electric Pink!
 Hey guys! I hope your having a great week so far! So this outfit is one of those Outfits that you just can't wear all day. Well at least for me! I'm all about comfort and that mini skirt is far from comfortable....the top on the other hand is actually very nice, but you have to wear a belt or cardigan with it or else it looks like a tent. These tights are my favorite! You can literally see me a mile away in them. I'm sure you recognize my necklace too...I wear it a lot!  If I really love something, I will wear it until it falls apart. I think I have owned this necklace for about 9 years...crazy! And it's probably not going to be the last time you see it.


Are those tights pink enough!?! Haha..and those shoes look like something a Barbie would be wearing. I love them! If you had a barbie(s) did you ever want to wear their clothes? I did....yes I'm that girly.

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