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I feel like it's been forever since I painted my nails! Ever since I was a little girl, my nails have always been funky colors. When I went through cosmetology school, hair color ,and nail art were my favorite! They still are. So, as an adult I look all over the internet for inspiration. I'm sure you know how many people post awesome pictures of their nails, and since I'm a mom, and I'm always busy, I try to keep it simple. I'm super lucky that I was blessed with a daughter who is as girly as me, and loves to paint her nails too. So, last night my daughter and I spent 2 hours in the garage doing our nails. Let me explain one thing though. The garage just isn't some slab of concrete where you store a car. It's a 2 car garage transformed into a man cave, mostly used for football parties. So we sat on the couch and made our own little nail salon and watched "Say Yes To The Dress" and whatever bride shows came on after on the big wide screen TV (that also has surround sound!). That's our thing. When we have mother/daughter time we are either baking, nail painting, creating art or dying hair, while watching either ghost shows or bride shows. We have so much fun!

Anyway, about my nails.....if you didn't notice I have two different shapes on each hand. One hand has a zig zag shape, and the other is like a wave. I used nail stickers for the shapes, and you can find them Here. I get a lot of my nail inspiration from my brother-in-law's Fiance Kaylah @ The Dainty Squid . I'm sure if you follower her blog, you see all the awesome nail color combos and designs she comes up with. Pretty clever!
Some of my favorite designs by her are Here & Here. Aaaaanyway, I was going to post my daughter's nail creation, but as you can imagine her nails didn't survive past dinner. She's only 10, and very impatient when it comes to the drying part. The nail polish colors I used were by Julep. I found them totally on accident . I know I have mentioned them before, and it was because I was/am totally obsessed with their polish. I had a monthly subscription (which I had to give up when we moved! booo!) and every month they sent cute little packages that came with polish and a free gift. When money starts rolling in again I'm going to re-open my account again :)
 Oops! So where it says: Light with Caution by Glitter by Wet n Wild...just ignore that first "by"...haha
So there you have it, I change my nails about once a week. My nail polish collection has grown quite extensively. Pretty much to the point where I need a some type of shelving unit for all of them. If your looking for really good polish I totally recommend Julep. It dries really fast, and most colors only need one coat.
That's it for today..............I hope your all having a great week!

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