That's me, I finally had time to touch up the pink in my hair. I also made my finger tips pink too! I used gloves, as usual, but I like to run my fingers through my hair. So even if it's dry it will turn my fingers pink.
Anyway, Do you ever feel so busy, that your completely overwhelmed, and the only cure is sleep? That is exactly how I have been feeling lately. On top of that I feel like I can't get enough sleep, but I don't want to over sleep...I can't win. I also couldn't make up my mind about this blog post, so please excuse the randomness! 
Okay, so on with the RANDOM...Here are 4 pictures that I noticed similarities. Sometimes I like to scroll through all my instagram pictures just to see how my love for taking pictures has changed, or how my face has changed, or really just to reminisce. I noticed that I like to take pictures up close of my face, or my eyes. Silly right? Is there a certain pose that you seem to do all the time?

 I need this wall decal...NOW!

Via Etsy : greatwallsoffire

Via: source
That picture is very true. I have started writing two books and both of these books live in the computer that decided to stop working one day. I haven't extracted everything out of that computer yet, and I'm kinda filling up with a lot of ideas. I think I might take the old fashion route for a while. Pen to paper.

Me at work...
Source for Blythe Picture
The picture on the left is how I look on the outside. The picture on the right is how I feel on the inside.
I saw him......
Which made me think of this.....

Anyway, I hope you watch that video....tooo much silliness! I also hope things are going well for all of you out there. I'll be working until Sunday, and then Sunday I will be baking all day for Halloween parties in each of my children's  classes. I'm making bloody eyeball muffins for my son ( muffins with a cherry filling, topped with icing and an eyeball made of red velvet cake) and Spider web cupcakes for my daughter's class (vanilla cupcakes, topped with a chocolate spider web and spider ring) all homemade by me. Hopefully I will have enough effort to take pictures of everything and post them for you guys! I love Halloween. Are you baking anything for Halloween? Tell me about it :)

Have a great day!

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