Hurricane Sandy

Cupcake details: Vanilla & Marshmallow, topped with chocolate frosting (dipped) with white chocolate spider webs spun by yours truly! Secured with spider rings.  

We live on the Jersey Shore and Hurricane Sandy is almost here. At this point we still have power (about 9 am) which I'm excited about. The wind is bad and there is a lot of flooding in areas around us. Yesterday I was suppose to do a lot of baking for the Halloween parties at school for my kids, but schools are closed until Wednesday, so no parties. I still ended up baking some cute spider web cupcakes anyway. We don't have to evacuate (yet, knock on wood) but we have plenty of food and water, along with emergency bags in case we have to leave. 

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That little guy looks like he is ready for any storm!! Anyway, I hope we don't lose power, but from the looks of it, there is a really good chance considering there are so many people already out of power. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! If any of you out there live in the areas being affected by Hurricane Sandy, please be safe and listen to your local officials. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I survived Hurricane Irene last year in a town in Vermont, where they hadn't seen flooding in over 100 years and the entire town was devastated. Take caution my friends! ....Now I'm going to watch some T.V. while I still can :) Since were ordered to not leave our homes now. The only downside about living on the Jersey Shore.

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