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Today I want to talk about some of my favorite photography. If you've studied the art then you know of all the different techniques you can use to create beautiful and original photos. One of my favorites is Bokeh. This effect is made by playing with the depth of field of your subject. Sometimes the entire picture can be blurred, left with pretty lights in different shapes. Commonly you will see circles of light or just a pretty blurred picture. To make the shapes, like hearts, you need a lens cover with that shape cut out. I love these types of photos so much that I'm just in awe when I see it. I'm going to be practicing and see if I can capture some photos of my own, even though I don't have a telephoto lens yet. I was really excited to find so many Bokeh cupcake pictures. I think they go so well together!
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Aren't they pretty? If you want to learn more, there are lots of tutorials on Youtube, and if you just Google Bokeh photography you will find a lot of information. If you have a smart phone you can also download apps to create faux Bokeh  pictures. Anyway, that's it for now and I hope your having a great day! 


  1. These all look beyond delicious!!

  2. Just randomly came across this... Thanks so much for including my photo on your blog. I'm honoured :D

    Aoife x


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