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This Post is Dedicated to Thor...We will miss you buddy!
Today's post is actually a very special post. If you're an animal lover, like I am, then you feel that all animals (or fur babies) in your home are like family. Sadly this past week a very loved Fur baby passed away. My cousin's family lost their puppy Thor. He lost his life tragically to a careless driver that hit him while he was in the shoulder of the road. He had gotten out, and the family was right there trying to get him. This car swerved out of the lane into the shoulder and hit Thor right in front of them. Even their small son saw this car take his life. Unfortunately his injuries were fatal, and he took his last breathes at the animal hospital. 
My heart goes out to them. He was a great little guy. 

To all of you out there...if you see an animal in the road, please slow down. If it's possible stop and try to help. We are all creatures that feel pain and suffering. Your kindness could save an animals life, and save a family from loosing a beloved pet.

Via: Puppy Tales

R.I.P. Thor
Beloved Door greeter, kissy giver, best friend. 

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