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I hope everyone is having a great weekend. For some of you this is probably a 3 day weekend, which is awesome! Anyway, most of us now-a-days have at least one tattoo. I myself have 7, one being a pretty good size piece on my left arm that includes your traditional anchor with banner. I love traditional American themed tattoos, but that's just me. I've seen so many creative tattoos in the blogger world, and I feel like tattoos have come so far. It's not just for bikers and prisoners anymore! haha..I have a list of things that I'm getting once my tattoo money jar is filled. A couple things I'm getting for sure are lots of Buddhist tattoos. I already have a lotus. I'm also going to get cupcakes, a Hello Kitty, mermaid and other fun things. I know all this sounds random, but when it's done it will all fit together. Basically my left arm will be all my religion stuff and my right arm will have all the fun things I love. Which brings me to the cupcakes (&cake) that I found out of curiosity.
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The cupcakes above aren't actual cupcakes, but they are adorable gifts! I would love one. And the cupcakes above them are from a cupcake class that was teaching how to make tattoo inspired cupcakes...awesome! I wish I could have gone to that class. If you click on the link under those cupcakes it will take you to that article and many more pictures from that class. I hope you enjoyed these. Today I will be with family watching Football :) Have a great day!

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