A Family Outing

Glass & Bottle Antique Show
Sunday was such a beautiful day, that we went for a drive to Batsto, NJ. They were having a glass and bottle antique show in the little village of Batsto. My family and mother-law went. We had a great time walking around and looking at all the cool things that the vendors had to offer. There was an old mansion, which is pictured above and a lake that was on the property too. They also had an old saw mill. It was such a perfect day to be outside!
Me & my little family
Old carriage on the property

 This lake was right outside the show
 Super cute kitchen stuff!

 Old glass insulators

 OMG Buttons!!!

 Star Wars!

There was a finger print on my lense.....it makes my son look like a ghost!
All these pictures pretty much sum up our day. I'm sad to see the weekend go! 
How was your weekend? Can you believe it's already October??


  1. Lovely photos, looks like you all had a fab day out! It rained all weekend here :( xx

  2. Ohh I know where this is! What a great Fall day trip! :) So you guys are further south Jersey. We are more by Asbury Park. :)

    That barbie kitchen is fantastic...they go for sooo much money on ebay! and I LOVE that Jersey eggs thing/sign? I don't use much red but I like it! :)

    Thanks bunches for popping by my blog and for your sweet words! We are really excited to finally settle in here. thanks for following along!

    Happy October!

  3. Thanks Ladies! We had so much fun! The Jersey Eggs thing was an old egg carton. I thought it was really cool :)

    Thanks for your awesome comments!

  4. Okay I need to google this town and find out how far we are from it - I am in love with all the stuff there! Vintage typewriters, and suitcases and those stoves (are they miniature toys?)!! Do they do this every weekend there?
    Haha, thats crazy your son does look like a ghost! :)
    Looks like your weekend was absolutely perfect! I hope your week is, too. :)

  5. Your day / outing looks so perfect! Fall sunshine is the best. Paired with all that Pyrex it's practically divine...
    Those jug heads are killer. Seriously. Did you get one of those?

  6. @Roni Yes the stoves were miniature, I think they were Barbie? The show was only last weekend :)

    @Shatki I did get a really cute blue glass bottle...for free! We went when it was kind of close to closing, so a lot of vendors started marking things down and giving things away.

  7. Oh it's so beautiful there! And lots of goodies, I totally own 4 of those star war glasses :)

  8. Oh, my! I see so many things I would have loved to buy! I also found you from the blog hop, but I've already been following anyways! -Jessica L



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