7 Questions

Me...last Halloween.
1. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, I feel that people have found a lot of evidence that they exists. Maybe sometimes your soul stays behind or gets lost in the middle of reincarnation.

2. Do you prefer the cute or the scary Halloween? I prefer cute Halloween.
This is my daughter...last year for Halloween
3. How old were you when you stopped trick or treating? I still go trick or treating with my kids but I'm short enough to pass for a kid and people still give me candy :P Free candy!!! Yay :)

4. Do you have any fun Halloween traditions? We dress up every year, go to scary Halloween events, watch Tim Burton movies, pick out pumpkins and then carve them, decorate, corn mazes and make fun Halloween treats!

5. Share a scary local urban legend: Where I live currently there is The Legend of The Jersey Devil. You can read about it here : The New Jersey Historical Society 

6. Would you rather be haunted or haunting? I would rather be haunted. I've lived in haunted places and its not too bad. I would rather go on and reincarnate.

7. What's your favorite Halloween character/ creature? I love creepy looking dolls! I dressed my wife up as a ventriloquist dummy last year and my daughter will be a doll this year.
My wife last year...The Dummy.
Halloween is almost here! Yay!


  1. Oooh the dummy costume is a good idea!!

    1. It was actually a last minute idea! I was trying to figure out what kind of makeup would go with that suit :)

  2. Haha! Yay! Cute halloween! :) I'm such a baby. I never thought I could be short enough to pass as a kid for trick or treating. I totally could, I'm only 4'8"! Awesome!

    1. I always walk up to the door with my kids and people just give me candy...I'm always in costume, so that's probably why.

  3. I love these questions! I was a sugar skull last year (and may do it again this year.) Loved it. Looked so rad and was fun to do! :) I believe in ghosts, too. My husband is so anti anything he can't see that its funny. He just needs one experience to change his mind!

    1. I wasn't at sure either! But when you see a ghost with your own eyes it's hard to deny it.


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