Outfit Diary

Isn't the fall starting out beautiful? I'm so excited! I have so many recipes that I want to try. Though lately I have really been craving cupcakes! Hopefully this weekend I can squeeze in some much needed baking time.  Today's dress is another favorite of mine. It's snug in all the right places, and hides everything else! The pretty brown color is perfect for fall and the beading is perfect. I also love that it has pockets! Is it me, or has anyone else noticed that girl clothes lack in the pocket department? Well I have and if I find clothes that have pockets, I'm a happy gal!

Pretty Little Details
Dress - Plato's closet (brand : Kimchi Blue)
Sweater - Thrifted
Tights  - Marshall's
Shoes - Thrifted (brand : Mia) 
Necklace & Earrings - Thrifted

I hope your having a great week!


  1. What a pretty dress, Eeka! I love that slim, cinched waistline aaand the heart detail!
    I actually have a number of dresses with pockets, but I could definitely use more. Pockets are so convenient for not only storing a lipstick in but when I get awkward or nervous or just plain don't know what to do with my hands, I just tuck them away. hehe :)

    1. Thanks! I don't know why but I always end up with clothes that have no pockets! So you can usually catch me with my cell phone in my hand....because it would only get lost in my blackhole of a purse...lol


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