I Think I'm Going to Cry


So as I was updating my blog, I got an error about pictures. This error took me to my Google+ account, which had all my pictures from random places including my blog. It said that I needed more space in order to add more pictures. So I deleted an album, not knowing that the two were connected! I thought whatever I posted on here stayed on here, not that it disappeared somewhere else. Google was also asking for a fee to buy more space in order to add more pictures to my blog. GRRRRRR.....anyway, I promise I will figure this out, until then I apologize for the black squares with lines in them. I guess I have to go back to a bunch of my posts and replace the pictures. If anyone knows anything about this....please share!


  1. Oh no!! :( I discovered this a few months back myself. I've started using photobucket and I really like it; you can set the albums to private and still be able to share pictures on your blog. I just keep a tab open next to Blogger with Photobucket open, just in case. :P

    Sorry about the hiccup! I know how frustrated I was when this happened.

  2. I'm pretty frustrated, but I'm trying to fix it. I had no idea that was going to happen. At least I know now.


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