Goodbye Vermont

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We only have two days left now. By Sunday we will be in New Jersey (hopefully before the football game!). My life is in boxes once again, but it's pretty organized so I'm not too worried.  Though I have had a lot of moments where I wanted to pull all my hair out. On the bright side, I'm excited for this move in so many ways. We will be surrounded by family, and that's something I have wanted for years. I've spent the last 4 years in Vermont, with no family, and that makes the painfully long winters even longer. It's exciting to escape before the winter too. It's pretty chilly here already.
But all the packing and lifting heavy stuff necessary?!
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Vermont has taught me many things. I've learned to slow down and enjoy life, which is something I will take with me. Life is about the simple things and Vermont has showed me that too. I've been able to grow as an adult and let go of material needs. So as I leave, I know that I was here for a reason.
Thank you Vermont...we will miss you!

Trust me we will be back! It's too beautiful, we'll be back to vacation! :)

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