Cute...But Strange Thursday

Wow! The count down has begun for our move. You can read more about it here.We have about 9 days left in Little 'ole Vermont. I have one more day left at my job, which is super sad. I'm really going to miss everyone at my work. Funny Story! So lately at work I've been really stressing out about moving (there's so much to get done!) and whenever I feel like it's just too much, I take a break, get on my phone and look up the humor section on Pinterest. This is first. Then I start to realize that all the giggling (that I think is in my head) is actually out loud. So I look like the crazy girl sitting alone giggling. It's gotten to the point where I just share what I'm laughing at. Makes me feel a bit less crazy.

So as you can tell this post is filled with some silliness, which is a reflection of how I've been feeling lately. It's how I deal with stressful situations. Sometimes it's too much and then I have a melt down...but we won't talk about that! Anyway, You'll find most of these silly pictures on my Pinterest boards, but these are some of the funny...and kind of strange things that are making me smile right now :)

How can you not love this cat!? The caption is perfect too!
This crazy straw compliment totally reminds me of something my wife would say to me...or vice versa :)

Thrifting? Yes please. 
So this is what me & my daughter do when we go school clothes shopping for my son. My wife is a big tom boy, so I leave all the boy clothes and stuff up to her. So my daughter and I usually grab a bunch of clothes and try them on. We were in this super obnoxiously pink dressing room as you can see. As we were browsing we came across matching Hello Kitty shirts! Now the idea of being twinsies is cute, but the reality is never as awesome as it seems in your mind. I did end up getting my was only $2!!! I have no idea how I run into these deals?
This will probably be me when I get old. I'll totally forget how to use my chopsticks and just start knitting with my noodles. Hopefully I'll remember to eat the noodles when I'm done...haha!

I hope your all having a great week! Tomorrow is Friday.....Woohoo!

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