The Fur babies absolutely love their new home. Petunia is always looking out the window and the kitty cats are always lounging around...they seem pretty comfortable to me :)

 These are two of my favorite Instagram pictures That I took last week. My hair is a little darker in this picture and my hazel eyes really show. You can also see my bridal set. That picture on the right is from a dock on the Jersey Shore, which is about 10 minutes from where we live. I love it!

This is a little double exposure action :) I've been playing around with a lot of photography...currently.

Current Book(s):  Breaking Dawn. I've read this book 6 times and I'm really excited for the last movie, that comes out in November, in about 48 days...not that I'm

Current Music: I'm addicted to Kpop right now, or Sweet Pea radio on Pandora

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: that weird? I want to put it on everything.

Current Color:Pink....everywhere!

Current Drink: Chai Tea, on ice, with rice milk, and a dash of cream....yummy!!!

Current Food: Stir fry veggies over Jasmine rice....can you tell I'm part Asian?

Current Favorite Show:  The Big Bang Theory!!! I'm totally obsessed.

Current Wishlist: I want to explore Jersey, New York City and Philly..and I want Pumpkin ice cream.

Current Needs:  Money & a boots.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: The humidity. Me no like, and it makes me miserable.

Current Celebrity Crush: Kat Dennings

Current Outfit: Tube Dress, little jacket, and DC's

Current Excitement: Going to birthday parties!

Currently list is by The In Between is Mine.....What have you been up to currently?

If you do a currently list, leave me the link so I can see your answers too :)

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