A Peek Into My World

Can you tell where I was sitting? Oops!

Hello Mr. Kovu

My Pretty Petunia

My Cork Board & Corner Shelving

 Bookshelf & TV

  Cards & Post Cards from other blogger friends, family pictures, drawings from my daughter, etc.....that picture of the little girl in a purple, that's me in kindergarten and the other tiny picture with it, is my daughter's kindergarten picture.

 Your silly! 

 My mother-in-law's sewing machine, with all my knitting and crochet goodies. The rainbows are from a crystal hanging in the window.

 My Plants & Money Jars (on my wife's toy chest)

  My favorite Hello Kitties
 Kovu making a cameo..

Princess Cupcake at the top of the stairs...

So that is my bedroom, in a nut shell. It's nothing spectacular, but it's filled with bits & pieces of of me and my wife. That bedroom is actually the room my wife grew up in, which is kinda cute that we live in it now. In the first picture you can see a hanger with crochet on it hanging some dangles. I haven't made the second one yet, which will hang on the other side of the pink picture, but that is on the list of things to do. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the black cat is my wife's cat Kovu, and he was super curious about what I was doing. He was constantly trying to get in the pictures! He's such a sweetheart. Anyway, there's still more things I want to put up, like my sculptures, but I haven't gotten to that yet...soon, I hope! I hope you all have had a great week! I'm so glad it's Friday...
Have a great weekend!


  1. Pretty! Congrats on a safe move and hopefully you get everything else settled in smoothly! xo

  2. Thanks Jessa! Were trying to keep it as simple as possible...and stress free :)

  3. Your room is so, so cute! Love the adorable corner shelves and those plants!! =)

  4. Thank you! My wife put them up and is very proud :)

  5. I love our new house :) Hello Kitties are everywhere!!!

  6. I've always had Hello Kitty everywhere since I was a little girl :) I was also a big Spottie Dottie fan :D

  7. So cute! It looks so cozy in there :)

  8. It's super cozy :)

  9. Your room looks warm and fuzzy :) Hello Kitty has that effect!!

    Patricia @ thettdiaries.com

  10. I must say, your house and all its belongings have come along quite nicely! My places have always looked like a disaster in every other room but my bedroom for at least the first two weeks. Y'all move fast! And omg, how cute is Princess Cupcake!?! Eeep!

    1. This was the fastest move ever! And we moved in with family, so there wasn't really much to unpack....for now!



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