Outfit Diary

Floral Dress & Chucks

Wow! I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in forever! So here we go. I am such a creature of habit that I think I will be 80 yrs old and still wearing converse. I can't live without them. I try to wear other shoes like flats and platforms, but I really don't feel comfortable unless I'm in my chucks. I also want to point out this gray belt that I have. I'm kind of obsessed with it. Apparently I wear a lot of grays or colors that go with gray, so basically I'm always wearing this belt too!

Did you notice that I played with the color filters in my photos? I tried to make them look vintage. I think it worked, do you? I love when pictures look dated and dreamy-ish. I also threw on some bright red lipstick!

Outfit details
Believe it or not, but I only paid $1 for this dress which is thrifted
Belt- Thrifted
butterfly Pistol Necklace- Hot Topic
Shoes- Converse


  1. Now that's always a good combination!
    And what a bargain! Love that dress! And the pictures are very dreamy indeed:)


  2. Ahh that's such a lovely cute dress! :D



  3. It looks adorable, i totally love sneakers with girly dresses!

  4. You look so sweet! I see that necklace pop up a lot. It must be one of your faves :)

    1. I've had that necklace for almost 10 years! I seem to lose it a lot, but it always pops up :)


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