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I love Instagram! I've been on it for almost a year now and I still post pictures everyday. Photography will always be my first love. Ever since I was a little, I've always had a camera. I'm pretty sure at some point I was super annoying. I was always "that friend" who had a camera. Thankfully now-a-days, if you don't have your camera, you can rely on your cell phone. In fact sometimes I prefer my iPhone over my camera. I've been wanting to do a photo dump lately but I have over 1000+ pictures on my phone! Yikes!! Maybe someday I will have time to go through them and delete the duplicates. I have about 4 different app's I use to edit my pictures and each time I save a picture it makes a duplicate. It's pretty annoying but at least I can choose which edit I want to keep. I'm always afraid to erase pictures too, even though I know it gets saved on my Google +.

These two pictures were taken within hours of each other, yet my hair looks like different colors!
The picture on the right is of me and my daughter.

Do you have any photography tricks? Everything I have leaned was from courses I took in high school and college. I can't wait to one day have the camera of my dreams! Plus there's so many different editing software that I would love to be able to use also. But until then I have Instagram to fill my need! 
Have a great day!

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