I have a secret.....

We're Moving!

Didn't I just move? Yes I did (6 months ago). But now we are going on a very big move. It took us a long time to decide and we kept trying to wait until the moment was right...but when is it ever right? Anyway, life happened and now we are only 3 weeks away from leaving Vermont....and I'm pretty excited! We have so much to, and so little time. I just hope we don't forget anything.
It's sad to leave! I have made so many awesome friends, but it's time for this city girl to be a little bit closer to the city....and the beach! All of my wife's family lives there, so this is going to be a very positive move (and fun! they are awesome people!). On the other hand, it's going to be a lot of stress too! We're moving a few states down and it's about an 6 to 8 hour drive. Sorry but that just doesn't sound like a fun time to me!....I'll have to bring lots of candy :)

So let's see.....
My list for moving:
1. keep shoes and nail polish accessible
2. bring cats, dog & hamster
3.pack up 3 bedroom house (plus basement)
4. drink lots of water

did I forget anything? Oh!...I should probably remember to bring the wife and kids!


Jersey fun fact: Did you know that Jersey is the Diner Capitol of the world??...It is!!
 and I Love diners! Especially all the ones that serve 
breakfast 24 hours! that's heaven to me :)

Another Jersey Fun Fact: New Jersey is the only state 
that you can leave the "New" off of it's name and it still makes sense ;)
I thought that shirt was so cute! And to be honest, until I met my wife, I had no idea that people made fun of Jersey that much? I'm from the West Coast, and I guess I just never really paid attention...but whatever! I'm sure I'll fit in. I love being n ear the ocean and that's all I care about!

And if your wondering what part of Jersey, it's the southern part, but on the Jersey shore.
In fact I think we're about half an hour from Seaside Heights, lol! 

So I spilled the beans and that's it for now! Have a great day!

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