Fill In The Blanks

Via: the little things we do

1.  The best thing to do on a hot day is   going swimming! Or just staying out of the heat. I like to go to the mall and hang out  .

2.   The best place to be on a hot day is   somewhere with air conditioning!

3.  The best thing to eat on a hot day is    ice cream! Go out and get ice cream or slushies to cool yourself.

4. Hot days      irritate me.I'm more of a snow bunny :)

5. My go to uniform on a warm summer day is  a pair of cut off shorts and a tank top and flip flops.

6. The scent that reminds me of summer is  coconut suntan oil   .

7.  My favorite thing about summer is   the long lazy evenings spent with friends and family in front of a bon fire.

That's it for today's blanks...I hope everyone has had a great week! Happy Friday!

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