Fill in The Blank Friday

Photo & Blanks Via: thelittlethingswedo

I'm so happy it's friday!! I had such a long week! Monday was my Art Exhibit and I'm starting to close things up with my summer college courses. I'm getting so close to graduating! Eek! Anyway, here is a series that I love and I'm glad Lauren over at the little things we do brought it back!

1.  I am proud of   who I am today, and who I am aspiring to become. If you knew me in my younger years, I was quite the hellion! In my present days I live a much more simple life and I love it! I know that I still have a hectic schedule but my time is concentrated on my family and all things positive. I also surround myself with positive and wonderful people (& fur people). Some can be curious characters, but I love them all .

2.   This weekend I will    celebrating my 2 year anniversary with the love of my life! My wife is so amazing and I couldn't ask more for such a wonderful partner to journey through this life with. We aren't perfect, but really...who is? i'm so excited about reaching this milestone.....even though I know we've spent many life times together. 

3.  A secret dream I have is    to live near family. I guess that's not much of a secret, but I would love to live closer to my wife's family. They treat me like I am one of their own and I love that .

4. I can't handle     people who make a fuss about situations that are easily fixed. There are so many other worse things going on in the world that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Life is really happy!

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is     whispering!! I know that sounds silly, but it drives me mad when people whisper and I'm not in on the secret. "I like to Whisper too!" - Buddy the Elf

6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is    laying in my bed. It's actually my wife's' bed that I inherited by marriage, but it's my safety zone when life is getting rough. My kitties sleep there too cause it's the best place in the house!

7.  I think everyone should    Should become more educated on everything!! In this day and age there is no excuse...Google it!! You would think ignorance would be starting to disappear, but it's still everywhere! From food, religion, healthcare, news, politics. The truth is out there....educate yourself. You don't really have to go to college to learn simple life skills. It's all in front of your face.....and not everything on Facebook is true research before you believe random posts.

So that's it for today! Thank Lauren for bring back Fill in The Blank! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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