Cute...But Strange Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday already! Isn't that kitten just too cute up there (that would be my a.d.d. in full action!) I think I have felt like that little kitty all week! So many big changes are headed my way and it's getting a little overwhelming. I will fill you guys in on that later. How is your week going? We're halfway through with the month of August and summer is almost over! This is the last week of summer classes for me and I am so glad they are almost done. My kids start school in two the time is flying by! Anywhoooo, here are some fun finds that I hope you will enjoy...I know I did!

"Excuse me sir..I Mustache you a question..."
Via: KnotWorkShop
How cool is this room! Even the floor looks like some type of table cloth pattern!
These little guys are vintage collectibles...and cute! Not sure I would put condiments in them though.
Via: Words & Whimsies
It's a naked banana!!!
Via: textile
What a cute idea! I would love to crochet a banana like that :) Speaking of which I have a few projects that I would love to my granny square blanket! That's going to take a while... Anyway, I hope your having a great day!

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