Monday Blues

What a fun weekend! I was hoping it wasn't going to be over so soon :( Saturday we went to the waterfront and watch everyone on their sailboats. It was so relaxing. There were even some very excited sparrows flying around us. We stopped at the mall and walked around and my daughter bought some blue hair extensions. It was a pack of 2 and I wore one and so did she. You can see it in the picture below in my daughter's hair. My work doesn't let me have crazy hair color so I'm glad they make cute little hair clips you can take right out. The blues are really pretty too, I wish I could dye all my hair. Anyway, I hope this Monday finds you in a good mood, I know I struggle with Mondays and trying to get back in the swing of things. Tonight I have an Art exhibit for my sculptures. It's the last day of class for the summer and now we get to show off all our hard work! 

I hope everyone has a great day, and here are some blues that will brighten your day!

I told my daughter that the blue matched her earrings :)

Annie Spandex

Flickr: ugg-off
How awesome is her hair?! I love all the different hues! The nails above are cute too. I think it's cool when you can paint your nails one color but different shades. Whats your favorite color to dye your hair? OR paint your nails?

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