Cupcake Sunday

Summer Fun!
It is definitely summer out there! I don't know where you are, but it has been so hot here in Vermont, but luckily we have air conditioning in our house. Anyway, I just found out about a week ago, that there is a girl at my work that loves cupcakes as much as I do! From what I know, she will be baking those cute cupcakes featured above. Aren't they adorable!! They are simple and easy to make, just add your are some more inspirational cupcakes with a cute summer theme:

Via: Gracescakes
Via: bubolinkata
Via: Sweet Elite Vegan Cupcakes
Via: Martha Stewart 
Aren't all these cupcakes awesome!! I know that I will be making some of these :)
I hope you found some inspiration from these beauties...I know I probably got your taste buds going!
Have a great Sunday!

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