Cool, Not Cool & Undecided

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad this week is finally done, I've been looking forward to Friday since Monday! I'm still battling these crazy allergies, but I'm feeling better for the most part. So I came across this awesome blog --> Janette the Jongleur who does this sweet link up, so I thought I'd give it a try!
- I'm pretty stoked about where I work right now and I'm hoping for a permanent position

- My air conditioning...very cool :)

- My in-laws are here visiting and bought us a screen door...score!
- The constant sinus headaches effecting my equilibrium, I feel like I live on a boat!

-This somewhat of  a heat wave we are having.

-My cell phone bill. Is it me or has anyone noticed that smart phones aren't really a smart buy? They drain your wallet, and for what? you can play angry birds and take pictures for instagram...hmmm.
-About keeping my I really need it? Maybe you can help me decide.

-Which shoes to wear with my Hello Kitty tights?

Annnnnnnd...that's all I've got today. I promise there will be more next time, but I need to get back to all the family stuff going on.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. You have to keep the iPhone. Life will suck without it.

    And the Con's with the cute Hello Kitty tights.

    1. I agree, I really live my phone, I guess I need to find a second job to pay for it! I think the converse work the best too :)

  2. Ohhhhh I LOVE your Hello Kitty tights!!! They are very cute. Hope that your headaches fill fade away. You have a great blog. I'll add it to my favourites. Best wishes from the Netherlands, xMM

  3. hi! just found yr fabu blog - beep! it's s cool! just a question, have seen the fabu hello kitty leggings - mind if i share yr pic on my own blog please? wit the link to yr blog?


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