Random Thoughts

Awkward Moments
This is what happens when the camera timer goes off before your ready...lol

So maybe my thoughts aren't random at all, but if you have been reading my posts I leave little hints about whats been going on in my life. I'm not sure if I can remember a time in the last 5 years where I wasn't stressed out. Well I think I can. I can think of two: 1. Our first family camping trip last year and 2. My honeymoon. Other than that I feel like I've been on some horrible roller coaster ride. Some days it feels like life is trying to attack me at all angles and other times I sit back and think "everything is going to be okay." I've worked hard for everything I have and yet I still feel extra awkward in awkward moments. I thank my lucky stars that I'm old enough now to know when things are getting awkward and how to avoid these moments all together. I've come accept that being me is very different from everyone else. When I try to explain my life story (to people who are curious) most people just look at me totally confused, like they are seeing an alien for the first time. So I have come to terms with the fact that I am very different. I don't know if that's good or bad? But it definitely leads to awkward situations. So most of the time I just talk about my kitten or the cupcakes I bake, which can make me seem like I live in some magical sugar land, but it's better than bombarding people with all the stupid things, like my real problems. I think that's why I divulge quotes from Pinterest to my Facebook, thinking someone might catch on that I am far from perfect. speaking of which here are some of my favorites....

This could not be any more true. Even when times are absolutely miserable, that person who makes you happy can make it seem just a little less awful.
Always surround yourself with positive people, even if that means you have to let go of people who you thought meant the world to you.

I hope everyone has had a great week, mine has been busy and filled with interrupted nights and tired feet! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow :) I have had a lot of great ideas inspire my writing again and I think I'm going to touch on that this weekend. I feel like I have had writers block for the past year, and when you feel inspired, its best to jump on it! I hate that I have started two books and haven't finished either one, but I will.


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