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Look a Squirrel!!!

Via: Woodland Treats
You would be surprised how much that phrase goes through my head! I should be the poster child (Adult) for A.D.D. How can you help it these days? I don't think you can...there's just to many pretty things on the internet. I really wanted to do a post about my hair, because I got it to a really pretty pink color and I even added color in my bangs, but more about that later. Here are some randomly awesome things I have found while clicking away........

Via: Girl.Inspired.

How awesome are those cupcakes?! The mushrooms are made of meringue and I really want to duplicate these one day. Hopefully I can find some time soon, but probably not until I finish my summer classes.
On Occasion Dress By Modcloth

This dress says summer all over it and it looks so comfortable, you will be mine one day!
Via Etsy:  jenniferramos
This painting is so sweet. The writing gives it a young innocence that makes you want to agree with what ever is painted on it :)

Via Etsy: duvdesigns
I love, love, love this! I'm a huge fan of all three movies and this would be perfect framed, next to my computer, so I could read it everyday to remind myself of why I left the Shire.

Via: Old Navy
This sweater looks so comfy! I want it now! I could picture myself wearing it with my cut off shorts and flip flops sitting next to my fire pit roasting marshmallows on a cool summer night.....yes I get all that just by looking at a sweater.

Via: Shanalogic
I saved the best for last... squirrel hair pins!!!!! I LOVE these so much!!! I would love to make cute braids in my hair and pin them with these cute little guys.

I love tattoo's that are original and how much more original can you get? These made me giggle..and then think......I might like to get a tattoo whim. I think these are so cute!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'm having a lot of fun in my art classes and I'm really glad I chose to take summer classes. I aiming for graduation next year! Going to College part time has been a struggle, but I'm finally seeing the light at this really long tunnel.....

Have a Great day :)

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