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Photo An Hour
It's been a while since I have challenged myself with my cameras. So I decided to do a photo an hour. The 30 day challenges are to much of a commitment for me right now. My brother-in law's finance Kaylah at The Dainty Squid inspired me by some of her posts like this, so I wanted to give it a try. This is similar to some of the photography projects I have done in college, but instead of random pictures we were assigned the same setting or the same object outside to capture the change in natural lighting. Anyway..here was my day on Saturday.....
8am Breakfast

9am beautiful start to the day...these are in my front yard

10am Looking for Yard Sales...we eventually found an Estate Sale!

11am We arrived at the Estate sale ...cute name for the private road :)

Noon- Stopped at a friend's house. she just set up a book shelf for her son. That picture on the bottom right is her grandma.
1pm This is Wicket. She loves to sun bathe and sit at the window. She wasn't very amused with my camera.

2pm Driving back home

3pm The Pretty sky

4pm A mini Photo Shoot for some Salt & Pepper Shakers we picked up at the flea market for the shop.

5pm Gave my nails some much needed attention!

6pm Trying to decide who I should send this little guy to?

7pm The Sun setting over the mountains

8pm Kids about to go to bed & my wife on her phone....they barely even noticed that I took a picture.

My wife helped me a lot with this one. every hour she reminded me :)
For my pictures I edited it with a color process filter and a vignette frame. I have been obsessed with color process and it's my favorite right now.

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