Monday Blues

Last Monday for June

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. As for me it was a lot of fun! I thrifted and found some cute goodies. I baked cupcakes and those are them above. They are confetti vanilla with a pink swirl topped with cotton candy frosting and sprinkles. They came out really yummy! I wish I was able to get a picture of one with a really good swirl, but I wasn't about to cut into all of them. So I guess you have to trust me on that. We went out Saturday night with our close friends and played pool. We haven't gone out in forever! Anyway the work week is now beginning and here are some cute blue items I have found to tribute the Monday Blues.....

This Purse is so cute! I love typewriters :)
Etsy: Octopurse
I love nail stamps and these blue Hello Kitty nails are awesome!
Flickr: SweetSteffie
I'm always looking for cute vintage fabric and I love this print. 
Aqua and yellow always look good together.
Etsy: BeadSellerGirl
Mason jars are so versatile and the blue ones are my favorites. 
Any flower looks beautiful in a mason jar.
Wedding Bee

In some aspect of your life you are always lucky. Some are even luckier than most and it's very important that we remember these things. Hardships come and go just remember to tell yourself how lucky you are.

Have a great Monday!

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