Monday blues

It's so weird to be working full time again! The weekends go by in a flash and Monday just welcomes its self in like an unwanted guest or like that one family member who always comes over and eats all your food. Anyway, we had a great weekend! I took my kids to the gorge  and it was some much fun.....

It's like an oasis...the water is just perfect...up on that cliff to the right is where people like to jump off.
My toes in the water :)
My wife enjoying the sunshine...
My kids both adjusting their goggles...they had so much fun...I think we found our hang out!
Behind me is a waterfall but someone built a dam to slow the current...
This is a pretty flower that is one of many that grow in a pretty little flower patch in my yard.
I had a great weekend and I hope you did too...did you do anything fun?


  1. wow what a wonderfull place, it looks so beautifull.
    I so want to be there right now, hope you all had a fab time.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! All of your photos are so great. It always looks like you live in a magical wonderland!

    1. I feels like I live in a magical wonderland...compared to LA!

  3. such a pretty post! I love the feet in the water picture, reminds me of something I took. And the lighting is just perfect!

    1. The water is so clear there, and I wanted to share that :)


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