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If any of you watch How I Met Your Mother you know exactly what that list is and if not then Google it. It's the funniest thing. since I am in my 30's I can totally relate to this list. In fact in recent events I said out loud: "I'm to old for this sh@t!" And it's true, when you turn 30 you see things in a completely different light and if you don't think so, your body will tell you otherwise. Number one is the perfect example!

1. Pull an All-Nighter

This was for my 31 birthday I had one hour of sleep, I think I posted these pictures before but I can't remember! And I can't find the post! As you can tell from the picture I look miserable...and that my clothing ensemble is hideous!! I'm wearing the thermal because it was 15 below zero outside! That's why you should have certain bedtimes at certain ages. Never again...I hope!

On that list there are a few I have not done which are:

9. Leave an annoying two person message on your answering machine-I think I will try this one
10. Help someone move out of a sixth floor walk up in exchange for pizza and beer.-No Way!
11.Beer Bong-Not since I was 21 and never again!
12.Go to a Rave-No thanks.
14.Toilet Paper Laser Tag- I'm all set! No Vandalism for me :)

Now I know this is suppose to be a least of things I'm too old to do, but come on...Laser Tag?? I'm the champion Laser Tag player in my household...I stand undefeated! Anyway I can think of a few things I'd like to add to this AWESOME list......

15. Getting into fights on social networks
16. Random Road trips for food when the restaurant is 2 hours away.
17. Eating a dozen donuts in one sitting.
18. Pulling an all-nighter to write an Essay paper for class the next day.
19. Non-stop Jello Shots
20. Getting wasted- The older you get, the longer the recovery!
21. Do push ups (or any exercise) without stretching

Anyway....I know this was pretty random, but honestly it wasn't. The other day I pulled a muscle in my back doing a push up. I got my ears pierced a while back and they closed up, and staying up past 10 pm has been kicking my ass! Not to mention I had a family member act like a 13 yr old cyber bully on Facebook. Everyone's Murtaugh list is probably different, but if you haven't seen this episode it's really worth the watch!

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