Fill in the Blank Friday

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I  have been doing Fill in the Blank Friday for a while now. Lauren over at the little things we do has changed it up a bit and I love her new concept! Instead of filling blanks today, we are suppose to write up a post on the topic at hand :) Lauren is definitely challenging our writing skills!So here I go!

I Blog Because... is a lot of fun creating something that belongs to just me. Since I started blogging last year I have been playing with different styles and ideas and I think I have found my niche. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I love being a part of that.

... I live in the middle of no where. I'm a California girl and I need some type of outlet to express myself and blogging is perfect for that! My closest friends live like an 30 minutes away, so blogging is a great outlet for me to talk about things that have been on my mind.

...Little Eeka once dreamed of becoming a famous actress or writer, so this helps me with that fulfillment. I get to have moments of vanity and write to my little hearts content. I know that I haven't really expressed as much writing as I am capable of, but soon my friends...soon.

...I have made some really cool friends who I have a lot in common with. Jessa @ Caked Vintage  is an awesome blogger and a great friend. We have been able to be each others blogging support and just someone to talk to when things get hard. Also Jodi @ Cupcake Earthquake who is an amazing person, and in my eyes, an inspiring athlete. She is a true fighter and survivor and I thank her for being so inspiring.

...It's a great place to share some of my photography. I know I really need to do more of this and trust me I'm working on it. The banner for my blog was taken in my front yard along with my background for my links in my sidebar.

That's it for today! I hope everyone had a great week!
Time to get my weekend started :)

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