Cute...but Strange Thursday

Hello Thursday...
Etsy: bysol
It feels like I haven't done this post in forever! I miss doing it, so I gathered up some of the cute/strange things I've been finding. 
I'm always coming across here we go :)

Here we have a turkey and a deer that are bff' cute!
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Who wouldn't love a kitten sleepover? Too cute...especially the one on the far right!
Pretty much anything tiny is cute, especially these little green guys. I love how they are curled around that guy's glasses, you can really tell how small they are.
wondering around all the crocheted things I found this Etsy shop Su Ami and fell in love!!! Tiny little crochted creatures are the cutest and strangest! I would love to collect them all and make them a cute forest for them to live in :)
Etsy: Su Ami
Super cute dinosaur!

Via:  Laser Bread
And that it's, this picture above depicts how I have been feeling lately. my light bulb is all burnt out. I hope everyone's week is going well. As for mine it's been pretty busy. I can't wait to relax this weekend!

Have a great Day!

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