Cupcake Sunday

Via: Sparkle Cupcakes

I can't believe how many different ideas are out there for cupcakes! Basically If you can dream it up it can be made! I love when I'm looking for new ideas and come across some amazing bakers. I love having baking as a hobby and cupcakes are totally my obsession. Here are a few that I have found inspirational. I'm making the cotton candy cupcakes today. I was suppose to make them a while ago, but I never got around to it.

Recipe & Source: Becoming Lola
Aren't these so cute! Cotton candy and cupcakes seem like a win, win right? When I finish mine I'll post them. I'm not sure how they will taste but I will let you all know!
Via: obliviousfire
How magical are these!? Alice in Wonderland cupcakes are such a cute idea. She did an amazing job on all the little details...I love them!
Via: Zalita
This cupcake has to be one of my favorites. I can't imagine how long it took to make all those tiny items! 
Anyway, I hope your weekend has been fun, mine has! I have a few crochet projects going and my cupcakes should be baking as you read this.....

Have a great Sunday!

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