Cupcake Sunday

Happy Father's Day!
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I can't believe it's Father's Day already! There are so many cute cupcakes you can make for that special guy, depending on what he likes to do. Today I'm making confetti cupcakes with a cotton candy frosting and I can't wait to eat one! Were also going to have some friends over and grill. My wife has decided to take Father's day and we call it Mother's day #2. It fits for her :) Anyway here are some cute cupcake ideas I found......
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I really like this cuupcake. It's simple and most dads are. Plus anyone could make this with some letter cookie cutters and fondant.
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How cute is this fishing cupcake! 
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These cupcakes with the shirt and tie are a great idea! I love fondant and how you can make anything with it.  
I hope everyone is having a great I'm off to bake!

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